Writing as A. L. Anderson

Grosgrain & Taffeta

Cristiano Pule has a secret that holds him back. Cris likes his job, he likes his family, and… he likes corsets: making them, touching them, wearing them. Cris has had enough rejection to last a lifetime. When he meets knight in shining armor Decker Brigham Cris is determined his adoration for lingerie and manties won’t be the thing that holds them apart. Can Cris make himself into the kind of guy Decker will want to hold close? Or will Decker find out his secret and kick Cris to the curb?

Amazon final cover Grosgrain

Cats Have Staff

Salvatore Moretti has spent the last three years alone, ever since his lover Benjamin Cresswell left town for the job opportunity of a lifetime. Sal knew he couldn’t hold Ben back, and instead he’s been focused on creating a solid life for himself. A good life. He doesn’t need more than that . . . does he?