Now read Kraken for free . . . for a certain value of ‘free’

I’ve put Kraken into the KDP Select program on Amazon. This means it’s free to read if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited.

I had conflicted feelings about this, because I know many readers, like me, want to support an alternative option to Amazon, and one that offers a variety of formats. Plus, Smashwords is DRM-free, which is a big hairy deal.

However in the last six months I sold 17 copies of Kraken on Smashwords. Don’t get me wrong: that’s 17 more copies than I ever thought I’d sell for cold, hard cash (or for an intangible, somewhat imaginary, socially-agreed-upon concept of “money”, for that matter). But it does mean I don’t feel like I’m depriving the masses of their right to tentacle porn by making it an Amazon-exclusive title.

So anyway *shrugs* I thought, let’s try it, yeah? If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, or you have a friend who is, the adventures of Cy and Will are available to read for no money down, no future payments, no credit, no chargebacks.

Holy Crap!

So, this is a thing that has happened.









Clearly, this is proof of the multiverse theory. There’s a hundred million and one universes where there’s some version of ‘me,’ and in a hundred million of them this never happened. But this me gets to be lucky enough to live in the single, solitary, unlikely-as-hell universe where it did! Oh. My. Betentacled. God.

Huge thanks – and all the actual credit for teh pretty – to Natasha Snow, for doing the cover for Arroyo. Obvy I’m still gonna flash that nomination badge, which I get to parade as proof I’m smart enough to commission Natasha!

But even bigger thanks to all the readers who liked the stories. Thanks for spending your time on my words. And, just, ALL THE GRATITIDE for the people who nominated Kraken and Arroyo: Giulio (Best Book Debut!! Seriously??? *faints*), Susan A., Elizabetta, Wintermute, Tully (Echo), Achim, and Dee Wy, and special thanks to Wintermute (again) and Irish Smurfette, who tried to nominate a book each for Best Free Story, to no avail.

You’re all far, far kinder than I deserve. In all seriousness, I can’t communicate what this means to me. So I’ll just flail inarticulately in the corner for a long while. Thank you.