Thank you!

Thank you, humans who buy my books!


I’ve sold 22 copies of Salt of Your Tears, and a bunch more read it on KU. I earned USD $79 from it, which pushed my US Kindle earnings over my $USD100 minimum payout, and I just banked a cheque, wooooo. Y’all have paid my June electricity bill and kept me warm and functioning for another month and I am so, so grateful. I wish I knew everyone’s names so I could thank you all personally. I literally do know the names of quite a few of you and squishy hugs will be forthcoming in October.

Book release: The Salt of Your Tears

I have a new book out on Amazon today, The Salt of Your Tears. Huge thanks to Natasha Snow for the amazing cover.


This is a collection of three short stories.

In His Skin
Harrison offers Dylan the world. All he asks in return is Dylan follow a few simple rules.
(10,731 words)

Asking For It
Cole was looking for one night of casual sex. Garrett’s going to give Cole everything he thought he couldn’t have.
(7059 words)

A Song in the Blood
Corran MacKenzie signed up to fight a war that wasn’t his. In the desert he found Sephtis. And his fate.
(6522 words)

A Song In the Blood was originally released as “It is our bounden duty to protect the Empire” for the Goodreads BDSM group free story event in 2016. So was In His Skin, but it was, at the time, In Her Skin. I tried, guys. I tried to write m/f and I just can’t. This story has been rewritten and now it’s m/m and I like it a whole lot more. You haven’t seen Asking For It before. It’s smut. If you liked Mine, this is your book.

The Salt of Your Tears costs USD $3.99 US dollars: just over a buck a story. Cheaper than a coffee.



New M. Caspian story, free online

My second free short story for the Goodreads BDSM group’s Kink in Ink story event is available to read here. This time it’s an M. Caspian story, with gun play, violence, and an HEA. You do have to be a member of the BDSM group to access, but you can request membership from the group homepage. If you don’t care to join I have plans to put this out on Kindle in December, as part of a volume of three short stories.

Kev Chapman Flickr Seal Pup CC lic.jpg
Grey Seal Pup by Kev Chapman on Fickr, used under a Creative Commons Licence

Free story online; “In Her Skin”

I have a new short story available to read online, as part of the the Goodreads BDSM group Kink in Ink event. It’s called In Her Skin.

It’s not an M. Caspian story. It’s under my m/f erotica pen name Cat Stewart. If heterosexuality is a flavor you enjoy you can read it here.

There’s an M. Caspian m/m story for the same event being posted Tuesday 25 October (US time). I’ll link to it when it’s released.

You do have to join the group to read them both, but if you don’t care to, never fear, I’m planning to do a kindle release of these two plus one other short story, in a single volume, in December

kelp Jonathan Kriz Flickr, CC lic.jpg
Kelp, by Jonathan Kriz on Flickr, used under a Creative Commons Licence

Free read: ‘Mine’ now on Smashwords (and Amazon)

I wrote a short story for the Goodreads BDSM’s group‘s Bound By Ink: Bring Out Your Kink fiction event. It’s now available for free on Smashwords in all formats.

Cover by Natasha Snow
Cover by Natasha Snow

Or alternatively, you can buy it on Amazon for $2.99. Why pay for a free story, you ask? Because the profits will go to Rainbow Youth: a support and advisory service for LGBTQ youth. Specifically I’m going to ask that they put it toward their new Community Wardrobe, “an initiative to provide FREE, identity affirming clothes for queer & gender diverse people.”

RY’s Community Wardrobe from Rainbow Youth on Vimeo.

Mine is a bit different for me: no violence, just . . . fluff? Dirty, dirty porn? I actually have a lot of other things I want to put these guys through, so you might be seeing them again one day. Enjoy!

Prepare yourself for Dragons (just the one dragon, actually)

Thanks to the awesome mods at the Goodreads M/M Romance group, who give up their time to run the whole thing, I’m participating in the Don’t Read In the Closet event for 2015: Love is an Open Road. This is the same event I wrote The Arroyo for in 2014.

This year I was lucky enough to get this amazing prompt from my friend Vivian Archer.

Dear Author,

With a baby face like this no one ever suspected I’d be the one. The one to burn it all down. I thought I’d feel regret, but with my dragon by my side I don’t need anyone else.

Surely, he’s not alone. Everyone deserves someone to love. Please help him.

The rest is wide open for the author’s imagination to take flight. No constraints.



original prompt

Somehow this ended up longer than Arroyo; it’s a novella of 37,0000 words. I’m not sure when the story will be released; some time in October, I’m assuming, but I will let you know when it is out. This is a free read, available initially only at the M/M Romance group on Goodreads. A month after release I will make it available on Smashwords and Amazon. All after-tax proceeds from Amazon sales, as with Arroyo, will go to Rainbow Youth, my local organization to support LGBTQI young people. They run a drop-in centre with advice, support, and condoms.

The cover is by the wonderful Natasha Snow.


Fallout available now to pre-order

You can pre-order Fallout, the book Lisa Henry and I co-wrote, at Smashwords and Amazon now; release date is April 17. It will also be available in paperback eventually. Soon. Once I sort out the formatting *presses fingers to temples and massages headache away*

We’ve been really fortunate with the pre-release reviews.

Optimist Kings Wench said, for Boy Meets Boy Reviews:

They hit it out of the park here . . . this felt like something special . . . It’s a dark roller coaster of emotions but it’s also, paradoxically, beautiful.

Elizabetta on Goodreads said:

I could not put this down. Gripping and mesmerizing. A perfect blend of apocalyptic horror and survival against all odds that manages a thread of a love story, too.

I learned a lot – and I mean a LOT – from writing with Lisa, and I’m so fortunate she suggested we do a project together. I mean, come on, she’s freakin’ amazing. There wasn’t one second where it felt like work.

Now please, as a personal favour, buy a copy so she’ll want to write with me again some time.