Meds, a planner, and a goal

Hello friends. Today I started my new meds, and I spoke to a woman online who got four years without progression on these meds. Thank you, yes, universe, I will take those four years.

I also ordered a new planner that starts 1 July 2022 and ends 30 June 2023. I do not need a new planner because I am already in one that works perfectly fine and has months left, but I want a completion date further away than 6 months.

Here’s the one I bought, btw (not an affiliate link). I had the same kind in 2019 and it works great for my brain.

Now, let’s talk longer-term goals. Turns out there is a total solar eclipse in New Zealand in July 2028. That is only six years away! Hell, yes. Saros Cycle 146, I choose you! Want to find out when your nearest eclipse is coming up? Wikipedia is your friend.

The writing is going really well. The story is still a bit of a jigsaw, but I have all the corners and edges in place, as well as big sections of sky and clouds and trees. I’m averaging 15 hours a week of solid focus at the moment, which isn’t bad on top of full-time work, considering I’m in bed pretty damn early.

So, that’s me. Things are good. I hope you’re good too.

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