Strongly recommending this documentary on the attempted 2021 US right-wing insurrection

Hi friends. NightDocs on YouTube has curated a 90 minute documentary on the attempted coup at the US Capitol Jan 6, 2021, made entirely of live YouTube/Instagram/FB live/news footage, showing a “minute-by-minute accounting of the events leading up to and on January 6, 2021 when Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to stop the counting of the electoral votes cast by the states to certify Joe Biden as the next president of the United States.” YouTube has made this video age-restricted, non-searchable, and non-sharable. which is a crying shame, at it’s excellent.

Video cannot be embedded due to those sharing restrictions, but if you click on the “Watch on YouTube” link below it will take you to the site to see it. Watch and share. NightDocs states “this video is not intended to be political commentary, rather it is meant to lay out a factual accounting of the important events of the day.” Time codes for key events are in the description.

PS This is totally how the setting for The Arroyo starts.

One thought on “Strongly recommending this documentary on the attempted 2021 US right-wing insurrection

  1. Resl

    BLM riots were good, Defund the Police riots were good coz they’re left-wing and this one is bad coz it’s right-wing? You do realise Nazis was ‘left-wing’??

    The only ‘good’ riots are successful riots. Regime change leads to those in power writing their own version of history. It’s called triumphalism, right?

    And the moment someone starts associating good or bad with a certain political
    /cultural/economic ideology, I stop listening.

    All politics are inherently evil on both sides because people are inherently selfish. Selfless people may have existed but they died by the wayside a long long time ago. I hope they went to Heaven.

    But I agree America is in trouble, more trouble than they perhaps realise. When a majority population drops below 70%, a society tends to get destabilized because minorities start stirring at this point, thinking maybe they can successfully get back at the majority. In the 1980s the white population in America was around 85%. Today it’s 65%. I think Israel secretly has this 70% in mind. They seem to be making sure of more than 70% of their population being Jewish. Jewish people are smart. THEY KNOW.

    Happy to see your posting. Arroyo was great because you’re a damn talented writer although it doesn’t make economic sense to me, which didn’t bother me coz you’re a damn talented writer. May God bless you.

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