‘Home’ now available for pre-order

Hi, friends. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. 

I am so goddamn happy to announce October 23 2020 is the release date of my novel, Home. You can preorder on Amazon at this link.

One week. Just one week, and Ryan will be out of his backwater hometown for good. Sell the farm his grandmother bequeathed him, clear his debts, and start fresh with his high-flying boyfriend. That’s that plan.

What’s not the plan? Brooding bar owner and high-school crush Vic Ward, community hostility, and mysterious reminders of perfect Ethan. Ethan, who had everything Ryan ever wanted. Ethan, who fled Stockyard Point to pursue his dreams. Ethan, whose memory now dogs Ryan’s every step.  

The longer Ryan stays in the Point, the more demons of his past surface, and the more Ryan is haunted by the life he could have forged.  

Will Ryan stick to his plan? Or will the siren song of his past draw him home?  

This is a dark gothic m/m romance of 84,500 words.

In March I announced this book with a May release and then COVID happened. But despite 2020’s best efforts, my book is here!

I cannot tell you how happy I am to release this story. Two and a half years ago my greatest fear was there would be no more time to write books. But there will be time. I am doing awesome. My tumor markers are down from the beginning of the year. I have zero tumor growth since March, and no change to my lymph nodes. Fuck you, cancer: not this year. There will be time for more stories. I’m so damned lucky to have the chance to share Home with you. And thank you, everyone who took the time to comment on my blog with your kind words of encouragement. I almost always felt it would be better to quit rather than continue, and only through the support of all you amazing humans out there was I able to press on.

Thank you, friends. This one is for you.

EEEeeeeEEeeEeeEE!! It’s coming out! 

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