Free planner download: undated weekly work plan

I needed a weekly work plan with a time tracker and, apparently, the downloads run for US $4.15 on Etsy. This seemed like a lot, so I made one. This is sized for B5 – a Leuchtturm Composition notebook –  but you can resize it using this website here if you want A5 or A4 or something else. It will also fit a regular Mead composition notebook, or a Decomposition notebook, but will leave you an extra half inch-ish space down one edge.

Free download is here: week focus B5

Or if you’re a writer, this one has a weekly word count tracker on it too: week focus B5 with word count

Screenshot 2018-03-20 20.36.31

4 thoughts on “Free planner download: undated weekly work plan

  1. TY for the offer. I won’t be taking advantage but am very curious how that is used. What are all the bubbles for? Can you show a mock-up version? I tried googling and couldn’t find one myself.

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