How to repeat one song on Google Play (Android)

When I’m working I need to listen to one song on repeat all day. My autistic brain likes the comfort of knowing what’s coming next, and the critical, analytical part of my brain switches off and leaves me in flow. It’s awesome. Evidence arose this week that not everyone knows you can put one song on repeat on Google Play. Here’s how you do it on an Android phone.

Btw, this is my walking soundtrack. I don’t actually work to any of these. But Britney definitely gets me to pick up my pace. Don’t judge me 🙂

  1. Navigate to your playlist or album track listing and select the track you want to repeat.playlist.jpg

2) Tap on the album cover art.


3) When the album art enlarges, find the gray ‘loop’ icon on the lower left of the screen.


4) Tap this one time to put the whole playlist on repeat. The icon will turn orange.


5) Tap it again to put that single track on repeat – a small ‘1’ will appear in the middle of the loop icon. Now your brain too can enter flow.

loop 1

To remove from repeat just tap once more until the icon turns gray again.

If you want to shuffle the entire playlist choose the shuffle icon on the right side instead. I don’t use this because it would make my brain very unhappy to be unaware of what was coming next.


Happy walking and working.

24 thoughts on “How to repeat one song on Google Play (Android)

    1. RedM!Apple

      In my android, everything is sort of backwards. The ‘shuffle’ is on the left and the ‘repeat’ is on the right. Maybe that also applies to you.

  1. Shiva


    I have a asus zenfone 4max and only has reapet whole song’s icon despite my old sumsung.what can i do to reapet one song?

    April 2

  2. Thank you SO MUCH. I’ve been trying to figure this out for ages. I need music that I like to focus/sleep and drown out my awful loud neighbor. But the commercials on pandora etc always distract me and otherwise I’m chained to my computer by a headphone cord. From one autistic person to another you literally just saved me from so many melt downs!

  3. Alison Terrell

    Thank you so much! I just found the perfect white noise to help me sleep and I needed it to repeat, since it’s only 30 minutes long. It’s the only way I can sleep. You’ve saved me.

  4. suzanne

    Thanks so much for this information! All the songs in my playlist were repeating and I had no idea why. Now it’s fixed and I can enjoy my music again!

  5. Anonymous

    When I click repeat on a single song, it only plays it three times, then stops playing all together. I don’t know how it happened because it always used to play on more than three times. Do you know how I can fix that because that would really help.

    1. I don’t know why it is doing this, but I have to assume it’s because Google are in the process of shutting Play Music down. And wow, YouTube Music is not at all the same, I am in mourning.

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