Followup to hit Until Dawn announced by Supermassive Games

I didn’t get around to sharing what I was most excited about from E3, which happened a month ago now. Fuck me, what happened to 2017?

So, Supermassive Games, developer of my 2015 Game of the Year, is releasing a new choose-your-own-adventure game, Hidden Agenda. Unlike Until Dawn, Hidden Agenda offers a multi-player mode, where friends vote for specific actions via their phones. While serial-killer plots have been done to death, Until Dawn offered a cool take on horror tropes, and I’m hoping Hidden Agenda will do the same for psychological thrillers.

Supermassive also announced The Inpatient, a prequel to Until Dawn. It’s set 60 years before the events of Until Dawn, in the Blackwood Sanitarium. The game will only be for Playstation VR, which might, maybe, make me take the plunge to a VR setup. I’m going to wait for some trusted reviews first. The whole stealth gameplay and hiding in lockers thing . . . I’m not sure about that. Outlast didn’t do it for me.

Both Hidden Agenda and The Inpatient should be out at the end of the year.

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