5 thoughts on “Home sweet people mover

  1. Rhode Red

    OMFG. A. That can’t be legal. B. Nobody in San Francisco can whine anymore C. Perhaps it’s time to break out my postwar housing crisis book about DIY for $500 w/ cinderblocks (actually met an couple who used it in 1947.) And D. OMFG

  2. Like Rhode Red, I don’t think that can possibly be legal. O.O That is terrible. Even a rooming house would be better than that.

    And also, “people-mover”? We call that particular thing a minivan.

    1. this is a very common and desirable option, so common social services have specialized offices within quite a few campgrounds in Auckland. Camp cabins cost more than most beneficiaries can afford though: USD$264 (NZ$370) per week for one large room with its own shower and toilet, USD$340(NZ$475) per week for a two-bedroom cabin.


      Job seeker allowance for a single person 25+is USD$150 (NZD$210) a week, but if you’re 18 or 19 it’s only USD$125 (NZD$175). So the van would be affordable accommodation, but the campground would not. If you have kids your benefit in increased, and the cost would be manageable as long as you have no other debt to pay back (this is rare)

      Even then, most actual campgrounds in urban areas are all full, and have a waitlist of several years.

      But “camping” by living in your van is very common across the whole country. It is simply all there is.








      There are also thousands of Auckland families living in sheds and garages


      A few people have taken their families to live in tents in public spaces to try to force action on their housing situation


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