#trypod: Crimetown

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So, it’s a thing in March to recommend a podcast to friends. Which is great, because this gives me a chance to tell you to immediately queue up Crimetown by Gimlet Media. The podcast is about organized crime in Providence, Rhode Island (I had no idea there was enough material there for a single episode, let alone a series).

Wow, it’s fantastic. With each episode the story gets deeper, richer, and more interwoven. The characters are gripping, memorable, and real.

Give Crimetown a try.

2 thoughts on “#trypod: Crimetown

  1. Rhode Red

    Ha! It is marvelous and absolutely true (which is killing our Harvard-educated mayor who has been handing out enameled orange Ps at all public events, symbolizing our resurgence as an arts city, ever since he beat famously-corrupt Buddy Cianci in his last race.)

    I’m actually considering starting a Crime Town tour map online. Everything is within a couple of miles of here. (Providence is small.) And yes, I’ve seen a mob boss with my own eyes in a restaurant around the corner. He was elderly but spiffily dressed and came complete with enforcer entourage, large men in formal suits. The waitress was all over them, leaving we jean-clad mortals forgotten.

    1. omg Buddy Cianci! I feel like I know him now. There’s about 3 episodes just on him, but of course he pops up in many of the other thanks to his links to the mob. And you had an Attorney General with the nickname Attila the Nun! That is beyond awesome. You should definitely do a tour map – that is exactly the kind of thing I’d want to do if I came to RI.

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