What do y’all do with cords?


This is the corner of my desk. Sadly, I need all this crap: rechargers, power cords, transformer boxes, leads, cables, and all. Still, it annoys the hell out of me every day. What do you do to keep your cables under control and make your workspace look less like that one cupboard in every office where defunct IT stuff gets dumped?

One thought on “What do y’all do with cords?

  1. I don’t have a desk – I sit on my purple chaise, which has a small side table for my laptop when it isn’t in use. I charge my phone and tablet along the edges of the side table. So I can’t actually see the cords from where I’m sitting, mostly, because of said side table. However, the cords are all over the place and they’re possibly worse than yours because each one has split loom tubing on it to keep Mayhem from chewing the cords. I can’t even really put multiple cords into one tube because everything is coming from and going to different devices. My friend Jeanne says it looks like some sort of spindly, sickly black and grey octopus.

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