Eau de hard liquor

I found these new “all natural” perfumes this morning. The company is local.

rum and brandy.jpg

The labels do not lie. They smell exactly like vanilla and brandy, cinnamon and rum. That’s because they’re made by a distillery. They are vanilla and brandy, cinnamon and rum.

What I’ve been pondering all day is under what circumstances is it socially acceptable to walk around smelling of brandy? What will an employer think when you turn up reeking of spirits morning after morning? When you meet that client for coffee, won’t they assume you’ve been hitting the bottle before 10am? And is this likely to make them trust you?

The perfumes are sold in a delicate, miniature, hand-blown glass bottle that doubles as a necklace. They’re organic, and contain real ambergris aka whale vomit. I’m just not sold on the benefits of smelling of brandy. Or even rum. Who do you think the target market is?

3 thoughts on “Eau de hard liquor

  1. I have curly hair that has a tendency to go frizzy when it’s humid. I used to live in Japan, a country that is 90% humidity and doesn’t have a lot of hair products catering to people with curly hair. At one point, I had the bright idea of making my own hair-defrizzer. The recipe I found involved using essential oils with vodka as a carrying agent. It wasn’t until I’d actually tracked down the ingredients, found a spritz bottle and made the darn thing that I realised that if I used it, I was going to around smelling like vodka, which is exactly what people want their teachers to smell like.

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