Music Monday: 80s flashback with DD Smash

We had a hell of a week here in Auckland. The wettest March in 58 years, and all in a few days.


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 7.58.21 PM.png
Pic by Lawrence Smith for Fairfax Media
Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 8.06.09 PM.png
Pic by Lawrence Smith for Fairfax Media

A tiny town called Whangamata got three months’ rainfall. The media started calling the storm the Tasman Tempest (the Tasman is the ocean between Australia and New Zealand. Fun fact: my pen name was going to be M. Tasman but a friend suggested Americans had no idea the Tasman was a sea.) A sinkhole opened in New Lynn and 300 homes were flooded.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 8.05.25 PM.png

Lightning hit the substation near my home, but I was lucky enough not to be one of the many who lost power. I spent the six days of the storm tucked up at home, safe and warm, with books, the internet, and copious supplies of hummus and hot-smoked salmon. I am so damn lucky and privileged it’s insane.

Let me share with you the first song I have a conscious memory of being #1 on the NZ charts. The production values give you a good idea of the state of NZ music in the 80s, and the way Kiwi music legend Dave Dobbyn randomly flourishes a prop handgun would no longer be regarded so cavalierly.  Here’s DD Smash with 1983 hit Outlook for Thursday.

4 thoughts on “Music Monday: 80s flashback with DD Smash

  1. It’s rained for the last three days in Christchurch. Nothing like as crazy as it is in Auckland right now, but Outlook for Thursday was just the song I needed tonight. Thanks for sharing!

    I’m really glad you’ve managed to stay safe, dry and warm.

    1. ikr? I think it’s because of the different way we listened to music then. Car sound systems were generally shit, unless you sunk literally tens of thousands of dollars into them, and no walkmans yet, let alone iPods, so you didn’t miss the base in your earbuds.

      1. Good points. I was listening to music from my phone’s wee speaker today and was impressed at how tinny it didn’t sound – it probably sounded sooooo much better than any of the car stereos I had for my first few decades of car ownership.

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