Book release: The Salt of Your Tears

I have a new book out on Amazon today, The Salt of Your Tears. Huge thanks to Natasha Snow for the amazing cover.


This is a collection of three short stories.

In His Skin
Harrison offers Dylan the world. All he asks in return is Dylan follow a few simple rules.
(10,731 words)

Asking For It
Cole was looking for one night of casual sex. Garrett’s going to give Cole everything he thought he couldn’t have.
(7059 words)

A Song in the Blood
Corran MacKenzie signed up to fight a war that wasn’t his. In the desert he found Sephtis. And his fate.
(6522 words)

A Song In the Blood was originally released as “It is our bounden duty to protect the Empire” for the Goodreads BDSM group free story event in 2016. So was In His Skin, but it was, at the time, In Her Skin. I tried, guys. I tried to write m/f and I just can’t. This story has been rewritten and now it’s m/m and I like it a whole lot more. You haven’t seen Asking For It before. It’s smut. If you liked Mine, this is your book.

The Salt of Your Tears costs USD $3.99 US dollars: just over a buck a story. Cheaper than a coffee.



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