ProWritingAid: Useful editing software

I’ve been using a product called ProWriting Aid and I’m a committed disciple.

One of my worst writing flaws is repeating the same phrase or word in quick succession. PWA tells me when I have thirty-three thrusting cocks in 11K words. Or 72 instances of “could.” Also somehow I end up with open quotes at the end of dialogue all the damn time. PWA tells me where. Alliteration? Holy shit, PWA just let me know I wrote, “firearms on a freighter from Florida.”

Photo by Peter Alfred Hess on Flickr, used under a Creative Commons licence

It will find cliches, both in and out of dialogue, and check your grammar. Apparently I cannot use a fucking comma to save my life.

Seriously, I’m in love.

You can set it for business or academic writing, if you’re not crafting fiction, and there’s options for US or UK English.

Many of the features are free to use. The Premium version costs USD$40 a year. I already went premium because this thing is a lifesaver. If you’re interested, there’s a 10% discount on ProWriting Aid Premium if you click this link. Full disclosure: I get an extra month for each person who signs up.

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