Modem art

This should be a thing all the time.

In 2016 New Zealand ISP Orcon commissioned five New Zealand artists –Anna LeylandHayley King (Flox), Askew OneAndrew J. Steel, and Otis Frizzell, – to design router/modem housings.

Modem by Askew One
Modem by Otis Frizzell
haus of flox.jpg
Modem by Haus of FLox
Modem by Andrew J. Steel
Modem by Anna Leyland

You’re gonna have a narrow lump of plastic sitting around your house, why not make it something intriguing to look at?

haus of flox 2.jpg

I’m disappointed these didn’t go into full production. Instead Orcon did a limited edition run of 500 of each design, available to new subscribers. They’re all gone now, sad face. I probably wouldn’t change my ISP just to get one, but why can’t I buy a patterned modem when I need a new Belkin or Linksys?

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