Nuke-able journal

Pilot FriXion pens use ink that turns clear when heated to 60C (140F), so you can use any soft plastic or rubber as an eraser, by raising the temperature with friction.  I use a Frixion pen as my everyday workhorse, so I’m always careful to never leave my planner in a hot car.

However the Law of Attraction planner turns that drawback into a feature (skip to 1:27).

I have mixed feelings about this. I’m not one to go back and read old planners, but erasing the past seems kind of . . . blasphemous? I know you can save it in the cloud first, but dude, you’re nuking your planner i.e. the actions of a human about to kill their spouse and grab a flight to Belize with a Samsonite suitcase full of non-sequential cash.

Also, better not live in Alaska. Or Maine on a bad day. At -10C (14F) all the ink comes back.

7 thoughts on “Nuke-able journal

    1. I absolutely cannot imagine what that feels like. That’s about equal to the coldest temperature ever recorded in NZ, in 1908, in the middle of nowhere. How do humans function in that?????? HOW DO YOU COMMUTE!!!??

  1. Umm… planner porn parody? Microwaving your planner to give it a clean start, I wonder if that works with a Frixion and regular paper? (I’m gonna try it tomorrow). Their special archival system, aka, your phone camera & evernote. Suppose this nuking thing does work, what are the chances that you want a fresh start on EVERY SINGLE PAGE in the planner? Cause the microwave thing is pretty much all or nothing.

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