Music Monday: Kiwi legends Supergroove

In honor of today’s word count, I present Can’t Get Enough.

I actually wrote 2681 words today. That’s not terrible, but I still kind of hate myself right now.  I blame the plethora of books with titles like 2K to 10K,  10K a Day or the completely impossible 5,000 Words Per Hour for my deep-rooted dissatisfaction. Let’s have some 90s funk rock to get me out of my malaise.

4 thoughts on “Music Monday: Kiwi legends Supergroove

  1. Oh my god I love Can’t Get Enough!

    Terrible Teacher Confession Time: I used to play this for my students in Sendai to watch them freak out at how fast the guys speak. I had the Nature’s Best DVD set and abused it a lot.

    I really like from 2k to 10k, as well as Monica Leonelle’s Write Better, Faster, and Chris Fox’s Write 5000 words in one hour. I’ve never got anything near their word counts, but I have boosted my own, and that is enough for me.

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