3 thoughts on “Is this the worst thing about living in New Zealand? (Updated!)

  1. Nope. I got the refund, but I’m one Xmas gift down. It was a set of paints for my mom. I have a book for her, so that might be all she’s getting this year, now.

    Worse, I still have no idea why this happened. The weird thing is the day before the message said, “Your parcel will be delivered by 8pm tomorrow”. I mean, that’s pretty damn specific for them to then turn around and say, “Delayed,” and then 8 hours later, “Nope. Not happening.”

    I also hate that two weeks out from Xmas is not enough time to get something delivered. Except for JetPens. I don’t know why but I get JetPens parcels in about 3 days. They are AWESOME

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