“But an extra drink fixes that!”

I’m home again.

I had to come home by Sunday so I could take my grandmother out, and if I hadn’t I would have missed this gem from their weekly creative writing session. They choose a prompt pic and the staff write down the story they spin. Yes, the dementia patients at my grandmother’s facility write flash fic. And it’s awesome.

A far away look crosses Angeline’s face as she thinks of her lover who lives in a distant land. She will have a long wait for his next visit! So she drinks a lot! And thinks about another drink as she remembers her husband working hard in the mines down the road. He will be late home tonight and Angeline is a little more than mixed up today. But an extra drink fixes that! What a long wait! “Perhaps I will go and look for another lover who lives nearby,” she says to herself. She has one for the road and sets off.

Please, universe, let me still be writing when I’m 90.

angeline's long wait.jpg




9 thoughts on ““But an extra drink fixes that!”

  1. I was gonna go to Island Bay for like an hour before I had to check in, but I was in the wrong lane at the roundabout and just said, “Nope. I’m done.” So I had to wait for 2 hours before boarding at Wellington Airport and I couldn’t get the wifi to work. But in Auckland I stopped at Carl’s Jnr for a chicken avocado burger on the way home and ate my stress.

  2. omg their criss cut fries with chilli and cheese!!! There was absolutely nothing like that in NZ before they came here. Plain fries were considered quite decadent enough. Sure, give me a week’s calories in one cardboard tub. I WILL EAT THEM ALL. And the Jim Beam Bourbon burger? I have gone to heaven.

  3. Perfect with that photo prompt, too!

    It seems like you just left. Of course, I’m still in disaster recovery mode, so my sense of time is really distorted.

  4. That ficlet tho… are they usually this saucy?

    Semi-related – my friend’s 102 year old mother has recently gone blind and can no longer read her beloved romance novels. Sad! So my friend is reading aloud to her, including the complete ravishment of the 27 year old virgin. I recommended an Amazon Echo.

  5. hahaha, that’s awesome! I would be so embarrassed! Thank goodness my grandmother was more into non-fiction about medieval and renaissance Europe. Also Agatha Christie.

    No, the stories are definitely not usually like that. Most of the time they’re pretty narratively-challenged.

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