Flash Fic!

I have a flash fic up on the magnificent unicorn-run Boy Meets Boy Reviews to celebrate their anniversary. Way to go, unicorns! I love you all.

Today is day three of my road trip. This is the delightful hot tub in the charming back patio of the motel I stayed the first night.

hot tub.jpg

On the bright side, yesterday I went to the New Zealand Bakery of the Year 2016, Ten O’Clock Cookie. Also I visited Manukura, the little white kiwi. I was this far away from her [——————] . She is not so little. She’s five now, and I feel like her claws could disembowel an unwary petter.


And hey, Anne, if you’re reading this, I totally took your advice. I’m not working, not thinking about working, not planning when I’ll work next. I am totally and completely off duty.

Right now there are magpies singing their quardle-oodle-ardle-wardle-doodle outside. It’s gonna be a good day.

2 thoughts on “Flash Fic!

  1. Rhode Red

    I am so proud of you! It’s not easy to take time off.

    Am also happy to be mentioned in the same entry as a white kiwi. (Please let the kiwi know I’ll see her at the afterparty.)

    Lastly, am impressed someone managed to find a photo perfect for your flash fic. The socks were, at first, offputting. But then it totally added to the story.

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