Kia kaha, Kaikoura

Lovely little seaside town Kaikoura – a top option for my relocation out of Auckland – has been badly hit by this morning’s earthquakes.

That’s about 4,000 residents and 1,100 tourists with no water, power, or sewerage, and all roads in and out closed by multiple landslides. No stores are open. Water won’t be restored for days. A navy frigate is on the way to evacuate the tourists.

Screenshot 2016-11-14 17.28.12.png
There are dozens of these along the coast road i.e. the ONLY road.
kaikoura rail line 2.jpg
The blue line is where the rail line is supposed to be. The red line is where it is, pulled away like a piece of lace poorly tacked to a hem.
Screenshot 2016-11-14 16.58.16.png
Marooned cows
Screenshot 2016-11-14 19.43.55.png
If the earthquakes had happened during daylight hours there’d be a lot more casualties.

Awesome M/M author Gillian St Kevern was evacuated after the tsunami warning and spent an uncomfortable night waiting to be allowed back home. There were small tsunamis around parts of the coast, luckily only a few feet high at the largest.

There’s a special place in hell for the assholes who burgled the homes of people who evacuated.

I’ll match the value of all book sales this week, under all my pen names, to go to Kaikoura Red Cross.

All photos by Newshub.

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