This is taken from inside my car as I tried to leave my driveway this morning.

ducks copy.jpg

Those tiny gray dots are ducklings. The wind was gusting so strong they were blown down the street. Just out of shot  on both sides is traffic at a standstill.  The mom headed right for me; she led all her babies (eventually) into the grounds of my condo. Residents aren’t allowed to own cats, so there are lots of ducks  – and pigeons, and tui, and doves – living in the gardens.

I had to turn my ignition off and get out of the car to make sure all the ducklings cleared the tires.

Here they are rounding the recycling bins and heading for the rose bushes, all together again. You can’t have a bad day when you start the morning with ducklings.

ducks 2.jpg


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