Hey, fellow social history nerds

I found the best podcast! It’s called More Perfect, by the Radiolab team.

It’s about US Supreme Court decisions.


I know, doesn’t that sound like the most boring podcast ever? But it’s riveting. Like how John Lawrence and Tyron Garner were arrested in 1998 for “deviate sexual conduct” i.e. having consensual sex in their own home (because Texas), and how the resulting striking down of the statute by the Supreme Court gave Justice Scalia conniptions, because he could see it opening the door to legalizing the horror of all horrors – gay marriage (Scalia literally uses the term “homosexual agenda“).

This segues neatly into learning all about Edward Blum, a “legal entrepreneur” and former stockbroker who appears to be attempting to single-handedly dismantle affirmative action, one lawsuit at a time.

Every single episode so far has been gripping.

This is my life: I write graphic sexual torture and listen to stories about a foreign country’s legal processes.

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