A cautionary tale that’ll make your brain cry

Linda Formichelli has written a fantastic article about her experiences hiring Insurgent Publishing to launch her book. SPOILER ALERT: she kisses goodbye to US$6,500.

Things that Formicelli can’t do because Insurgent Publishing has her $6,500:

Drown her sorrows in the world’s most expensive cocktail for her and four friends.


Buy one thousand square meters of New Zealand

1000 m.jpg

Pack up her troubles in the Swaine Adeney Brigg’s Windsor Handmade Luggage Set in traditional English bridle leather with brass locks.


Spend sixteen months writing the next book in a a garden-front balcony in Chiang Mai, Thailand, including internet, water and power.


Or if she doesn’t need that long, thirty eight nights in a Las Vegas Luxury Suite.

luxury suite.png


All my sympathy to Formichelli. I hope she keeps us updated in her fight to get reparation.



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