RIP Lamy Al-Star

I dropped my 2015 Limited Edition Lamy Al-Star Copper Orange in a parking lot today. By the time I realized I’d lost it and retraced my steps it had already taken that last voyage over the Styx. Unless Charon pocketed it, the bastard. I couldn’t even salvage the aftermarket extra-fine nib from the ruins: it’s scratched all to hell and tears up the paper if I try to write with it.


This is my sole complaint about the Hobonichi journal cover: the pen loops are way too big. Pens just aren’t secure.

Screenshot 2016-06-25 13.45.29.png

Now I get to choose another everyday carry pen from my embarrassingly large selection. I have so many fountain pens I own a zip-up leather pen case just to hold them all. I own too much of everything. I am an example of what’s wrong with late-stage capitalism. I need to give some away. Losing one was good, but it would have been better to let it find a new home.

I need just one cherished pen, right? And to learn to look after it more carefully.

13 thoughts on “RIP Lamy Al-Star

  1. Alas. 😦
    Wait, do you not like your newer Hobonichi journal cover? Because that looks like your original one…
    I don’t like the pen loop on my planner cover because it’s too small. :/ But the way I get around it might work for you! I have a small (big enough for 2 not-burly pens) pen case with a little loop on top – I use a small locking s-biner through the little loop and the planner pen loop to attach the case.

      1. I got mine on etsy. The one that seemed most promising on JetPens turned out to be huge. (My tablet suggested JetPens after I typed 3 letters. Bad sign, that… Search shop freemoment for pen cases. I didn’t get the swivel hook.

        A journal bandolier might work, too.

      1. Hopefully a less murderous one!

        Omg, just finished reading the Sid Geno alpha-omega fic Reverence (from the exchange). *fans self*

  2. yeah, no. I haven’t used that gorgeous expensive leather journal cover even once 😦

    I guess I should at least try it out, right? I paid all that money for it….

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